the spirit of Turkey's heritage

Mediterranean roots, at home in Germany

YAKAMOZ RAKI’s roots lie in the warm Mediterranean. This clear aniseed brandy is the traditional accompaniment to a meal of Turkish delicacies with good company.
YAKAMOZ RAKI is triple distilled to create a full-bodied and intense flavour.
The magic of a recipe three centuries old imparts a timeless experience.
Here you will find all the information about our exclusive Premium Rakı.

Savour the magic of its secret recipe.

Triple distilled

to achieve a refined, indulgent experience.

Aged for 90 days –

the gold standard for distillation.

A recipe three centuries old

imparts a timeless symphony of flavours

The House of Yakamoz

Proud producers of traditional Yakamoz Rakı.

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Our Rakı commercial

We present the NEW Yakamoz Raki commercial video.
We claim that the best-known story of mankind would have ended differently if Yakamoz Raki had existed then.
Yakamoz Raki changes the story of your everyday life.
Experience the magic of Yakamoz Raki for yourself.

Director: Mustafa Altioklar Script: Mustafa Altıoklar – Hayko Bağdat Production House: HH Consulting&Media ve B’Act Academy D.O.P: Ayşe Alacakaptan Music composition: Jingle House Music: Evrim Orçal, Özgür Savas Postproduction: Erkan Cerit Agency: Grafist Werbeagentur

Enjoy our Yakamoz Rakı with the traditional Rakı set. In addition to the Rakı, this includes an original Yakamoz Rakı glass for authentic Rakı enjoyment.

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