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The story of Yakamoz Rakı - an adventure

When I was sure I was going to make my dream a reality, I set off in 2017 on a quest to find the best scientists and experts in the field.
I spent six months trying to get an appointment with Ismail Karaman, the owner of Antalya Alkollü Icecekler, a distiller in Antalya. I knew I wanted to work with him. He is Turkey’s leading distiller and his production facilities are the most modern in the country.
At long last he took my call, and I found myself alone on one side of the table, with Ismail Karaman and his team of 15 people on the other. He wasn’t going to waste time on pleasantries. ‘Why do you keep calling me?’
‘I want to make my own raki. My restaurant in Germany is on a big market square, and I want to put on a raki festival there,’ was my reply.
Mr Karaman looked me up and down. It must have been at least 30 seconds before he said anything.
‘That’s it!’ he said and clapped his hands. ‘I’ve been waiting for someone like this. A raki festival – that will be a first anywhere in the world.’
And from then on, Ismail Karaman and I started work on distilling raki of the very highest quality.
Then, at last, we filled our first bottle of Yakamoz Rakı on 16.04.2019.

The history of the Yakamoz Restaurant

Yakamoz Restaurant is a family business founded by two brothers. The kitchen and service, as well as the organisation, are managed by the trained chef and head chef.
They have been in the restaurant business since 1993 and initially gained experience in picturesque Istanbul. Then they took their first culinary steps in Germany until they finally settled in Eschweiler in 2005.

Two years later, the Yakamoz Restaurant was expanded so that they could offer their guests more seating. The fascinating glass floor directly invites you to linger. The oriental but modern concept also fits perfectly with the restaurant in Eschweiler.

In the beginning, there were only three members of the Yakamoz Restaurant team, but now there are 15 people in the kitchen and in the service area who spoil you with a variety of lunch dishes, catering and delicious cocktails. In addition, you can linger in the lounge café or enjoy a special dinner with Turkish specialities and modern flair.

Premium Yakamoz Rakı

Why is our Yakamoz Rakı a premium product?
Our manufacturing processes and contents are completely transparent. We want to meet the demands of our customers and sell a fair product. Therefore, you can take a look into our analysis certificate here. We are happy to publish and share all information about our product and hope that you will appreciate our transparency.

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