How to enjoy rakı at its best

Raki is best served between 8 and 10°C. Mix 1:1 with water for the perfect glass.

Our guide to enjoying raki at its very best is based on tradition, heritage and experience, but it’s only our advice – feel free to experiment for yourself!

Drink Yakamoz Rakı any way you like.

– store the bottle in the fridge, not the freezer

– don’t pour Yakamoz Rakı directly over ice

Rakı cocktails

Why don’t we offer any recipes for raki cocktails? We have spent years painstakingly researching techniques that keep the sugar content of Yakamoz Rakı as low as possible. All the raki cocktail recipes that have been developed before now contain far too much sugar, so all our efforts would have been in vain. But don’t worry – here at Yakamoz Rakı we are working hard on developing raki cocktails that are low in sugar but delicious in flavour. They’ll be worth the wait, we promise!